About My Work

Web marketing and web management services aim to provide a fully comprehensive support from the promotional point of view, through a series of proprietary tools and advanced web promotion techniques to identify the real needs of a Company, Brand or a Celebrity, so as to transform these needs into an online campaign, which is tangible, traceable, constantly monitored and capable of generating conversions, profits, as well as creating an important and long-lasting visibility.

My online promotion services are based on an international network of online-offline public relations built over ten years of activity, on a very high know-how in terms of the best digital techniques, reliability of staff working with me, composed of carefully selected professionals and with numerous specialized areas.

>La caratteristica migliore che ci rappresenta risiede non soltanto nella profonda conoscenza del mezzo e delle tecniche pubblicitarie ad esso applicate, ma anche in una rete di conoscenze tra addetti ai lavori e servizi esterni capaci di portare un plus notevole e ad ottenere esattamente ciò che più si desidera per il proprio prodotto, per la propria azienda o per il proprio personal brand.

I believe that the reliability of our services, the total guarantee of success, the request of fees only after a complete and continuous reporting, the total transparency at any time towards the client, the strength and organization of the web work, are the fundamental ingredients for the success of an online promotion “recipe”.

Mauro Perrella