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Service 4 EN

Brand reputation - Personal Branding

Nowadays each of us, before finalizing a purchase, booking a journey, starting a collaboration, firstly rely on an online search to have a clear picture of the market.

A management service of brand reputation on the major search engines is intended to provide a coordinated image and a sustained profile over time, by placing links in a fresh correctly indexed way, and creating a solid structure around the Brand, Company or the single person in question.

This is the flagship of online services, a culmination of all the best web promotion disciplines applied with the aim of transforming a product into a recognizable and marketable Brand, of transforming a person into a Celebrity known on the net, and generating a continuous interest from the users towards this new status.

Service 2 EN

Digital PR - Social media marketing - Guerrilla marketing

To get a good reputation, as much as possible and in the best possible way, this is the primary purpose for a Brand or a Personal Brand. For this reason we offer a constant activity of online public relations through a huge national and international user base, by using the network of Google partner sites at the best, using the key focus of online PR in order to trigger a continuous word of mouth, capable of generating considerable success and profits.

The above goes alongside with the management of traffic flows on the major social networks together with the promotion of any brand, product, person that wants to obtain a high reputation on such communities and distinguish themselves by exploiting a solid social reputation by means of an extremely high engagement.

Service 3 EN

Search marketing - Web logistics

Visibility on the search engines, Google in particular, represents now the primary need for the majority of businesses and people. We offer advanced management SERP techniques on the major search engines and organization of traffic flows afferent to each keyword or keyword phrase in order to improve the rankings of a online product, as well as a complete analysis of the web data afferent to a site and to the related social networks in order to create a sophisticated monitoring activity of one’s own parameters in reference to those of the competitors so as to continuously improve a web campaign.

We also provide a complex analysis of the online presence of one’s own Brand through continuous intersections of parameters and checks of each individual portion of a site, blog, social, in order to optimize a number of items to obtain in this way a performance which is even 3-4 times higher than the basic one, through proprietary techniques and web logistic tools among the most advanced at the international level.

Service 1 EN

E-commerce strategy - Mobile marketing

In today’s business network it is crucial to set a promotion strategy compliant with the online commerce rules, an ever-growing market which capitalizes increasingly large digits.

We are able to promote an E-commerce site by using lots of tools connected among them, from the web analytics to the social bookmarking, from the SEO implemented with paying campaigns to highly advanced online promotion techniques capable of giving immediate conversions and of generating considerable profits.

In order to obtain this, we adapt the main techniques of web marketing and web management as well as of digital PR also to the mobile network which now represents a very important chunk of the web market, so as to maximize a considerable performance, by consequently diverting active users from classical media and elaborating a specific visible path for mobile devices.